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There is a lot of tourists who dreamed of experiencing the wonders of Israel. Most especially because of its uniquely diverse geography, that is, the hot desert weather condition that is on the south and the cold snowy weather conditions in the north. Israel is surrounded by bodies of water in the east and south such as the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.  That is no wonder that it has great places and views too witness and not to miss. Thus, a lot of tourists wanted to have that visit to Israel and experience the great beauty that this country holds.

As Israel came to modernize, a lot of tourist spots and places have emerged as well. This also brought about the development and rise of hotels that also gave rise to the tourism economy of the country. Some of the best places and hotels in Israel include the Tel Aviv hotels, Jerusalem hotels, Tiberias hotels, Netanya hotels, Dead Sea hotels and a lot more. 

There are a lot of the best hotels in Tel Aviv, classic and modern alike. One of the finest hotels in Tel Aviv is the Rothschild Hotel. A lot of visitors of this hotel have been impressed by its outstanding service, great location and great value for money.  The hotel is located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Another fine hotel in Tel Aviv is the The Savoy. Enjoy the luxurious Mediterranean ambience and view in one of Tel Aviv’s finest. Take the time to relax and enjoy the stunning view of the sea just outside your hotel window. Feel the cool breeze and listen to the sound of the waves  as you let go of all those stress away. Witness the beauty of the sun rising and setting right at your hotel window. As you take a stroll along the surroundings of the hotel, you will be mesmerized by the outstanding and astonishing architecture that this hotel was made. The sceneries of brick stone walls and classical ambience would definitely take your breath away. You will never miss the beauty of nature as you spend your vacation here at The Savoy Hotel. Watch as the beauty of nature unfolds. The hotel also offers gourmet dishes that would surely satisfy your delicate taste buds. The rooms as well are of astonishing beauty. The rooms are offered in different capacities. There are single rooms, double rooms, and so on. There are also choices for the sizes of the beds that you prefer to avail.

If you are looking for an apartelle type of hotel in Tel Aviv, then the Tel Aviv Seashore Suites is the hotel for you. The Tel Aviv Seashore Suites has 30 luxurious rooms that would provide you the utmost comfort. These are perfectly suited for your short or long stay here in Israel. These are self catering room that gives you the privilege of choosing the meals that you prefer. The Tel Aviv Seashore Suites are situated at a distance from the beach, so you could always have the glimpse of the beauty of the beach and its cool breeze and the soothing sound of the waves. The Tel Aviv Seashore Suites provide you with a very relaxing and comfortable stay here in Israel. The suite is also just a walking distance away from the commercial areas such as restaurants, shopping malls, bars, cafes and other attractions for the nightlife in Tel Aviv. The rooms in Tel Aviv Seashore Suites are fully furnished and are provided with a lot of amenities such as air-conditioned rooms, a small kitchen, cable TV, and WI-Fi connection. Some rooms are provided with a balcony for the visitors to enjoy the astonishing view of the sea. The Tel Aviv Seashore Suites are perfect for travelling businessmen and for pleasure seeker travelers. This is simply a good choice for visitors of Israel because this provides you with a very beautiful ambience and view of the sea backed up with good amenities for a good value for your money costs. This is definitely a practical way to spend your vacation in Israel.

If you are looking to explore the wonders of Israel, another good place to stay in Israel is at the hotels in Jerusalem. One of the best hotels in Jerusalem is the King David Hotel. It is a famous hotel yet quite old fashioned when it comes to its atmosphere, ambience and even the furnitures and fixtures in this hotel. A lot of famous people and celebrities stayed in this hotel. This is highly recommended for most visitors of Israel. They provide big rooms for much comfort and quiet ambience as well as cable TV and comfortable beds. Making sure that your stay with King David Hotel is just as comfortable as any other. The rooms are also provided with a balcony or a terrace where you can get a glimpse of the beauty of the old city.

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